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I have worked with Ed on several real estate projects. He is a man of his word. He does what he says he will do

Mark Saliterman
Chairman of the Board, VisionBank
I have known and done business with Ed Rymer for over 15 years. I have found Ed to be an honest, candid, knowledgeable business person. He has successfully spear headed the development of several RV parks and other real estate ventures. As investors, I and others were recently involved with Ed in a large RV project. The project was complexly derailed by the Covid pandemic and at one point I was ready to write off my entire investment. However, through Ed’s hard work and determination the project was righted and we were able to recoup our investment plus a profit.

John Strickland
Acuity Bank has had a credit granting relationship with Mr. Ed Rymer. We have enjoyed an excellent relationship. Mr. Rymer has always been very responsible. In summary, all of our dealings with Ed and his related business entities have been handled in a very timely and professional manner. Acuity Bank considers Mr. Rymer to be a valued customer.

David Taylor
Senior Vice President
Associated Bank, has had a banking relationship with Ed Rymer. This relationship has encompassed a variety of Bank products and services. We have worked with Mr. Rymer on providing financing for a manufacturing company he co-founded and commercial real estate. Associated Bank would welcome the opportunity from Mr. Rymer to be considered for additional bank related products and services.

Paul Kramp
Senior Vice President
I have known Mr. Rymer for twenty years and worked with him on a number of development projects. Mr. Rymer has consistently met the city and state requirements ahead of schedule. He has used competent contractors to plan and execute his projects. He has always dealt directly and openly with me. For these reasons I have found it worthwhile and productive to work with Ed Rymer.

John Grossman
Redevelopment Authority
My relationship with Mr. Rymer has exceeded 25 years. Never once has he disappointed me in our dealings. My partners and myself have invested millions of dollars for various redevelopment projects with Mr. Rymer. We have consistently made extremely favorable profits via the equity participation. In summary I truly believe that any development project Mr. Rymer pursues will have a good chance for success.

Samuel Hertogs
Attorney & Author
Thanks Ed for all of your work to get this deal done, it is very much appreciated. Also, we are very appreciative of all of your efforts over the last five years to turn this property around and to get a successful conclusion. You have been a terrific partner to work with and have been a true professional in all of your dealings with us. It has been our pleasure to be associated with a person of such high integrity and extreme competency. We wish you the very best in your future projects.

Tom & Rob
Robert Moore: Co-Founder Marquette Partners
Thomas E. Moore: UBS Financial Services, Inc
I had the pleasure of working with Ed Rymer on one of his early Florida commercial property ventures. He brought to the table great insight, planning and execution and he did all the heavy lifting for what turned out to be a spectacular success during an economic recession. Ed was a dependable man of honesty and integrity throughout our business relationship. I believe Ed will prove to be a true asset in any future business ventures.

Stanley A. Riggs, MD
Author "Build Wealth & Spend It All."
Twenty years ago I invested in a manufacturer in Hastings, Minnesota co-founded by Ed Rymer. The business had synergies with our our existing company. Both enterprises grew to be leaders in their sectors and eventually attracted the attention of a large holding company. Although negotiations were tense, Ed Rymer contributed by bringing together divergent interests and personalities concluding in a beneficial outcome for all parties. Both companies continue to operate and thrive today along with the relationship between Ed and myself.

David G. Nelson
Former Canadian Diplomat and current Chairman of Nelson International, Vancouver, BC, Canada
I have enjoyed a long-term working relationship with Ed Rymer and his related companies in extensions of large credit facilities as well as treasury management services. Ed has always performed at or beyond expectations. He oversees his business ventures in a professional and prompt way. I consider Ed to be a valued client.

Ross C. Hodges
SVP/Commerical Relationship Manager
Center State Bank
Reflecting on the success I've been so blessed and fortunate to have experienced Ed Rymer in my life. I often think about those people who were instrumental. Ed Rymer was one one of those people. Early on in my career Ed was instrumental in helping me find and secure the right location, giving me the opportunity to build my fitness brand. He was very fair in his negotiations which set the foundation to allow me to scale my business overtime. In every dealing with Ed, he is timely, professional and brings a winning attitude. Ed is a partner I can always rely on and trust to do things right. Ed is a valuable asset to anyone’s team!
Peter Taunton
Founder/ Chairman of Board| Lift Brands Inc.
Ed Rymer and his companies have been valued clients of my former and present law firm for over thirteen years. Mr. Rymer has demonstrated a remarkable ability to find unique properties and opportunities and transform them into assets that are a credit to all involved. He has demonstrated integrity and professionalism throughout.

John Patterson
Partner | Shutts & Bowen Law Firm
As the largest SBA Lender Service Provider in the country, Holtmeyer & Monson serves over 400 community banks nationwide. I have personally known Ed Rymer for over 30 years. We have worked on numerous financing projects over that time. I have found Ed to be excellent to work with, well organized, and his projects are consistently on time or ahead of schedule, as well as on budget. In any business relationship, character is of the utmost importance, and the character of Ed Rymer and Rymer Companies is unsurpassed.
Holtmeyer & Monson

G. Arne Monson
President and Co-founder